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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Bashar embraces big responsibility

Bashar Bani Yaseen

Bashar Bani Yaseen has accepted the “big responsibility” of skippering Jordan for their AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011™ Group B clash with Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in the absence of injured captain Hatem Aqel.
Bani Yaseen, who at 33 is the oldest member of the Jordan squad, will wear the captain’s armband at Al Rayyan Stadium after Aqel was ruled out by a knee injury that he suffered during Al Nashama’s opening 1-1 draw with Japan.
“I now have a big responsibility because I am not only the captain of the team but I am also representing the pride of our country,” said the veteran of Jordan’s maiden AFC Asian Cup campaign in 2004.
“It is an important job but hopefully I can handle that responsibility well.”
While he feels the burden of responsibility that comes with captaining his national team, Bani Yaseen insists that the team will have no problem coping with the absence of Aqel, his regular partner in Jordan’s central defence.
“The absence of Hatem Aqel won’t affect the team too much on a technical level because we are not a team that is dependent on just one star,” said the defender, who plays for Saudi side Al Hazm.
“We have good teamwork and no stars, and we have the players who can cover for his absence

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